So you've read the blurb on the Home page and maybe even pre-registered for a brevet or two. But you're also the organizer of a future BC Randonneurs brevet, and now you're thinking "This is cool! Can I get my brevet added to the RandoPony?". You betcha!

Just send an email to with the following information:

  • Region, distance and date of your brevet; e.g. VI200 21-Aug-2010
  • Route name
  • Start location and time
  • Email address(es) that you want to receive rider pre-registration notices at (you can specify more than 1 if you want)
  • Optionally, the date and time when you would like pre-registration on the pony to close. For brevets it is set to noon on the day before the start, but you can change that if you say so. For populaires and other club events, please choose a date and time.

    The idea behind closing pre-registration on the pony is to give you time to prepare paperwork for the event without having to worry about someone pre-registering at the last minute. Some organizers like that, others are okay with pre-registrations coming in right up until start time. The choice is yours...

We'll add the brevet and pre-registration form pages for your event to the pony, and notify the webmaster so that they can make links from the club pages to your brevet page here. You'll get an email from the pony to let you know that the brevet page has been set up. That message will also include a link to a rider list spreadsheet that the pony will build on Google Drive as riders sign up. Also in the setup message will be a link that will give you a list of the pre-registered riders email addresses in case you want to send a bulk message to them - please use the list responsibly by pasting it in the bcc field to avoid unnecessary distribution of people's email addresses.

As riders pre-register for your event their names will appear in the list on the page for your brevet, and you'll receive email messages from the pony letting you know their name, email address, and club membership status. Easy, eh!?

If you're visiting from another cycling club and are interested in getting a pony of your own, please read the What's up with the pony? page for information on how you can get and deploy this open-source software.

The RandoPony can also help out on populaires that aren't big enough to warrant using the club's pre-registration payment service provider. Likewise, it can provide web sign-ups for other club events like the AGM, the Spring Social, etc. Send email to learn more.